Posted on: September 10, 2008 2:01 pm

Will history repeat itself?

Ok let me give you a history lesson that goes back to September 2001. No this message has nothing to do with the tragic events of 9/11. It has to do with another outspoke tragic event which happened during the same few weeks.

It did happen in a big city in America. Was it in LA? Was it in D.C? No. Was it in NY? No. Give up? It was in Boston.

During this same time period the Patriots star and franchise Quarterback Drew Bledsoe got injured, and this injury would reshape the history of the entire NFL. This small occurance to a Quarterback that was always mediocre, and barely gave his team a winning record, would have a larger effect on NFL than anyone could ever imagine. When Bledsoe got injured the Patriots horrible, yes I said horrible, back up Tom Brady came in to play. Everyone in Boston was extremely pissed off. Until Brady some how started winning. YES this horrible back up Quarterback turned out to be amazing!!!! Well Bledsoe's injury healed after a few weeks, and Bill Bellicheck was faced with a dilema. Who would there starting Quarterback be? Would it be the consistent veteran Bledsoe or the new quick to fame Quarterback Brady? Patriots fans were split over what they should do. Should they go with Brady or Bledsoe? Most Patriots fans still believed that they should stay with Bledsoe, but Bellicheck made an unprecidented decision to chose Brady as his starter.

Well Brady kept winning, and winning, and winning. Suddenly it was the Patriots vs. Raiders, who were a super power in the NFL. The Patriots were down, but driving to go for a game winning field goal, and then mid night strikes on Brady's Cinderella story. He fumbles the ball, and its all over. BUT WAIT. A stupid tuck rule is called and then a miracle happens for the Pats, and eventually Vinateri hits a huge field goal in the snow for the win.

Now in the AFC conference championship, Brady gets a slight injury and Bledsoe comes in, plays amazing and wins the AFC conference championship game against an amazing Steelers team.

Well Bellicheck is face with the same dilema Brady or Bledsoe. Well again he picks Brady, and the Patriots win the super bowl and the rest is history,

Well now the Patriots star Quarterback, Brady is injured, and Cassel is injured. IF Cassel plays amazing, and Brady comes back before the end of the season who will start? Bellicheck should be ready to be faced with this extremely important question.

Posted on: April 27, 2008 2:51 pm

When will the NFL gerrymander?

Ok for those of you who don't know what gerrymandering is, its basically redistricting. Right now the NFL is split up into 2 conferences: AFC and NFC. Each conference has 16 and 4 divisions. Each division has 4 teams. This has been the format of the NFL ever since the Houston Texans have came into existence. Before that it was something really weird, like some divisions had 6 teams. There are many reasons why this system doesn't work.

1) Geographically
The Baltimore Ravens are in the AFC North, but Maryland is in the South. The Indianapolis Colts are in the AFC South but Indiana is in the North. The Kansas City Chiefs are in the AFC West, but they are in the Central-East of America. The Dallas Cowboys are in the NFC East, but Texas is in the West. Finally, the St. Louis Rams are in the NFC West, but they are in the Central-East.

2) Strength of schedule
Some divisions have consistently good teams while others have bad ones. The only team in the AFC East that is good is the Patriots, and the only bad team in the AFC South is the Texans.  Also, the only good team in the AFC West is the Chargers. In the NFC, the NFC East has 4 good teams, and the NFC West only has the Seahawks. Having to play 6 divisional games gives teams with a harder division a harder schedule, and teams with an easier division with an easier schedule.

3) Chances of getting into the playoffs
This destroys the balance in the NFL. Some divisions have multiple good teams that should get a top 4 seed, (i.e. Jacksonville) but don't because there is an even better team in there division, and other divisions shouldn't even send 1 team to the playoffs.

4) Comparison of Conferences
In the AFC you can not get in the playoffs, with ten wins(i.e. the Browns), but in the NFC even an 8-8 team can make the playoffs.

The NFL should definitely re group its divisions before the year 2010 because soon there will be many teams complaining that a worse team got in the playoffs, and their team with a better record didn't get in.
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Posted on: April 8, 2008 6:39 pm

10 Steps on how to beat the Patriots

I've analyzed tons of Patriots game tapes against other teams and I've finally figured out how even the Dolphins can beat the Patriots. They cheat and everyone knows it. They bribe the refs, and they steal your game plan tapes. So if your not rich like the Patriots and don't have all the money to do that.

1) Do no huddle plays.
They won't have enough time to analyze what you are doing, and it will catch them off guard. Mix it up a lot during this no huddle. Make sure you don't give any obvious signals or formations that would let them guess what play you are doing.

2) Practice in private.
They probably have a spy in your organization looking at your practices. Don't have your whole team and coaching staff practicing at once. Don't let everyone know what you are doing. The less people know the more off guard they will get caught, also throw around a lot of fake play books.

3) Let your Quarterback call the plays.
Do what Peyton Manning does. I don't care if your Quarterback is a rookie, all teams should fully trust their Quarterback. Let him call the plays at the line of scrimmage. When this happens the Patriots spies don't know what your play is ahead of time. It might backfire against you, but it will have a greater gain than loss at the end of the game.

4) Play dirty.
Look at what the Giants do. They push guys once their down. They hit people while the referees are not looking. If your in a pile after a loose ball you should try to poke any and all Patriots players near you in their eye. This may not morally seem right, but they are cheating which is an even worse crime. Also, push around their offensive line. For a few plays just push guys like Matt Light. Even if it means you don't get to Tom Brady this time, next time you go up against Matt Light he will be psyched out.

5) Hit hard.
If you hit them they will fall. Make sure they stay down. Give Tom Brady a couple of all out blitzes. Even if you give up a TD and get called for a late hit, he will learn his lesson. The same is the case for Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and all other Patriots wide receivers. Play bump and run against them, and by bump and run I mean tackle and run. Knock them down to the ground even if it means you could get called for pass interference.

6) Pressure Brady.
Tom Brady is weak, he can't take a hit. The Chargers roughed him up a bit, and allegedly he was wearing a boot. All teams that were successful in beating the Patriots had 8 men in the box. If the Patriots have 2 wides, have 1 corner back on each wide receiver and your free safety playing wherever he feels he should be. Your defensive line, linebackers, and strong safety should be blitzing. If they have 3 wide receivers put your strong safety on him, or bump the receiver with your strong safety, and drop your middle linebacker or your fastest linebacker back as a QB spy. Make sure you get to Brady, even if it means giving up a 20 yard pass.

7) Confuse them.
Use tons of motion plays, audibles, hot routes and other things at the line of scrimmage. Use a lot of trick plays against them. NEVER keep the exact same play as you decided on in the huddle. Even if your play ends up being worse, it will work more effectively cause the Patriots are easy to confuse.

8) Properly mix the run and pass.
Even if you are a run based team, or a pass based team you should run 60% of the time, and pass 40% of the time. Don't use the same exact play twice in one game, and whatever you do DON'T and I mean DON'T turn the ball over. You can't throw interceptions, or fumble the ball at all. The Patriots thrive on turnovers. If you make one mistake it can cost you the game. When your running, run it right at them, and when you pass do it for short 4-10 yard completions. Make sure over 80% of your throws are complete because you can't afford to throw interceptions. Don't throw a deep throw unless you are over 70% sure it will be complete. Don't throw screens because the Patriots are extremely fast. They can catch you in the back field in an instant and force you to give up a huge loss.

9) Be calm.
Don't let your emotions control you. You should control your emotions. The Ravens would have beaten the Patriots if they hadn't gotten 40 yards off of penalties because they threw the referees flag. This would have give them better field position on the ensuing kickoff. If the Hail Mary would still have been complete they would have been a few yards closer and they would win the game. The same thing happened in the Eagles game. They got too anxious and made mistakes. Remember its just one game, and your out their getting paid millions to have fun.

10) Use the media.
Talk trash on ESPN as much as you want. Take any interview you can, but don't insult the Patriots too much because it will motivate them. Remember you are the underdogs. You should say that you have hope and faith. You have been practicing and will stay to your game plan. Tell as many lies as you want, but make sure you don't get caught in a lie. Also, try to get somewhat personal with them, but not to personal. Talk slow yet fast. Basically, you have to be a politician and a psychologist at once. Plan what you will say, but don't be afraid to be spontaneous. Be yourselves, but wear a mask doing so. Lie and tell the truth at the same time.

That is how you beat the New England Patriots!
Posted on: April 5, 2008 12:18 pm

More Football games a Week

I'm starting to get tired of just seeing football games once a week, and only having 16 games  a season. Football players are getting over paid and under worked. A season should have at least 25-30 games. This would be greatly beneficial to the NFL for many reasons.

1) Ticket prices
Ticket prices for football games are the most expensive of any sport. To go to a baseball game you can pay like $5 for a bad seat, but that same seat costs at least $50 or more in the NFL. Soon games are going to get to expensive for people to even go to and there will be an empty stadium crisis. The reason other sports have cheaper prices is that they have more games, so they can afford to have cheaper prices. If we had say 2 games a week then prices should get cut in half.

2) Rivalries
There aren't enough rivalry games in the NFL. There should be 3-4 divisional games a year. Also, the NFL should encourage new mini rivalries that are starting because of local games even if they aren't in same division or conference. Like in the D.C. area its a huge deal whenever the Ravens play the Redskins, but this only happens one in every like 3 years, and I bet its also a big deal when the Giants play the Jets, or the 49ers play the Raiders. Unfortunately these games rarely happen.

3) Media
Have you ever heard a decent conversation about a football game on TV on a Wednesday or Thursday? All they talk about during the week are crazy theories they have that will never happen. You see interviews with players that don't even affect the game, and talk show hosts are forced to make rumors. People need something to talk about during the week, and not scouting reports of teams they are going to play in 5 weeks.

4) Player Salaries
NFL players are getting paid insane salaries for playing 1 game a week. You could say that about baseball players, but they have over 4 games a week. NFL players can't just slack off and get huge contracts. They should work hard and earn every penny they get.

Personally I would enjoy more games a week, and there could be 15 NFL games every Sunday, and 2-3 NFL Games on weekdays.
Posted on: April 5, 2008 11:31 am

2 Quartebacks in on 1 Play

Now I know this is an insane idea and will never work, but no one has ever tried it, and it may be the future of the NFL.
What if we had 2 Quarterbacks in on the same play. Not like a trick play once a game, but a serious formation. Like in a shotgun, instead of having 1 QB and 1 RB, we would have 2 QBs. It would distract the other team, and drive them insane, cause we could snap it to either QB. Both could bootleg out of the pocket so that the other team couldn't just stack a blitz on 1 side, and if 1 QB is about to get sacked he could lateral it to the other QB, and the other QB could throw the ball. It would work like a flea flicker. It would be great if you have a veteran QB, and a rookie QB who has a lot of potential, and will be your franchise player in a couple of years. The rookie can get first hand experience and teaching from the veteran, and he would learn his mistakes during a play, not a few days later after the game is long gone.
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